• my self
    March 24, 2021, 1:28 a.m.
    why the hell it takes so long to load such small videos? Bro i have one of the fastest shit out there and takes ages for 5 min videos in this website
  • Anon
    Sept. 5, 2021, 11:04 p.m.
    Videos here are all in the highest quality available, and the server is residing in asia, which kinda lowers the available bandwidth to places on the other end of the planet.
  • Basil
    Nov. 14, 2021, 1:33 a.m.
    I love Putin's icons
  • Anon
    Dec. 21, 2021, 8:14 p.m.
    anime traps are based, kill putin
  • Anon
    May 25, 2022, 11:28 p.m.
  • Gay
    Dec. 24, 2022, 3:39 a.m.
    Metokur was onto something. Murdoch Murdoch must have a time machine for real.
  • The moldy bits
    Dec. 25, 2022, 2:19 p.m.
    At the bottom of tugs food mountain
    Time machine confirmed
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